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Kick Sugar to the Curb: How to Stop Eating Sugar for Clearer Skin and Reduced Inflammation

Hey! Hey! It's Dr. DJ here, your friendly neighborhood Naturopathic doctor, ready to show you how to bid farewell to sugar and welcome clear, radiant skin into your life. Sugar may be nothing more than empty calories, but it's also a sneaky culprit behind skin inflammation and those pesky acne breakouts. But fear not, because together, we're going to tackle this sugar monster head-on. So grab a cuppa (sans the sugar) and get ready to learn to slay this skin villain!

1. Start slow and take baby steps:

Listen up, sugar addicts! Trying to ditch all sugar from your life in one fell swoop is a recipe for disaster. Instead, let's take it easy. We're all about progress, not perfection. Start by reigning in the sugar you do consume. Say you're slurping three teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee—how about we cut back to two for a week? Then down to one. We'll conquer those cravings one baby step at a time. And those sweet treats? Well, we'll save them for special occasions, mmkay?

2. Use sugar alternatives:

Now, I know you've got a sweet tooth that demands attention. But fear not! We've got some delicious alternatives up our sleeves. Honey, or trendy stevia can satisfy your cravings without those pesky refined sugars. It's all about finding that balance!

3. Challenge yourself:

Oh, I know you're a go-getter, a challenge-seeker. Let's put that determination to good use, shall we? How about we challenge ourselves to a sugar-free week? Heck, if you're feeling extra brave, but a little scared, let's just make it a day-long challenge to start with. You'll see, each milestone will make you feel like a superhero and we'll celebrate those victories together!

4. Try sugar-free gum:

When those sweet cravings hit, don't fret! We've got a secret weapon—sugar-free gum, my friend. Pop a piece in your mouth, and not only will it keep you busy, but it'll also give your cravings a much-needed smackdown. Chewing away can save the day!

5. Choose fruits over desserts:

Desserts, oh how we love them! But wait, don’t forget about the fruit! Fruits are nature's sweet gift to us, packed with goodness and flavor. When that cake beckons, reach for some juicy blueberries or your favorite sweet fruit. They'll satisfy those cravings while giving your skin a reason to glow. Sweet as sugar, but without the guilt!

6. Know the benefits of quitting sugar:

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to kicking sugar to the curb, you need all the power you can get. Let's dive into the benefits of quitting sugar together. Your heart will thank you, your skin will glow like a goddess, and that acne? Gone! Plus, say hello to improved mood, increased energy, a sharper memory, and potential weight loss. Sugar, who?

7. Add fennel seeds to your diet:

Alright, sugar aficionados, I've got a little secret weapon for you. Fennel seeds! These beauties are naturally sweet without an ounce of sugar or those pesky empty calories. Toss 'em in your cooking or chew on 'em raw—your taste buds will dance with delight.

8. Don't start your day sweet:

Here's a juicy tidbit of knowledge. Research shows that starting your day with something sweet can lead to a sugar-craving frenzy. But fear not! I've got a solution. Say goodbye to the sugar-laden breakfast and opt for a savory start instead. No sugar alternatives either.. Let's keep it real and balanced right from the get-go.

Alright, my fabulous friend, you're armed with the knowledge and ready to embark on this sugar-free journey. Together, we're going to make your skin glow and those breakouts vanish. Remember, it's a journey, not a race. We'll take baby steps, laugh and cry together, and conquer that sugar villain. Are you ready? Let's kick sugar to the curb and welcome the clear, radiant skin you deserve. You've got this, and I've got your back! Stay sweet and stay fabulous

If you would like to learn more about my 7-day sugar-free week challenge just click here to join my private Facebook group. It starts soon!

Yours in health and wholeness,

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1 Comment

Jul 07, 2023

Sugar is the devil. But it tastes so good. Thank you for providing tips and tricks on how to overcome this addiction.

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