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I Cannot say enough good things about Dr. DJ. This past year my gastrointestinal/ skin issues spiraled out of control. I came to Dr. DJ in tears desperate for some relief. It has only been a month and I am already seeing HUGE improvements. Dr. DJ believes in addressing the root of the cause and not just treating symptoms. I cannot wait to see the continued improvement and highly recommend this establishment and Dr. DJ!!

Alexa O.

I went to see Dr. DJ Sims for acne, because she is a skin EXPERT! I had struggled with acne starting in my teens and continuing into my early twenties. I had tried every topical product as well as medications, and my skin had only worsened over time. Dr. Sims was the first doctor to make me feel assured that she could get my skin to clear, and she did exactly that. She looked at every area of my health and guided me through the process of healing my gut, hormonal imbalances, and stress. She used lab testing to determine the specific dietary changes & supplementation I needed, and directed me to more intensive treatments such as colonics, skin peels, and micro-needling with PRP. My skin has immensely improved, and everyone with acne should see Dr. Sims!

Aitana Z.

We LOVE Dr. Sims! She's not only a great doc, her attitude & energy is awesome. She's actually fun to see :-)


Most recently, 3 mos ago, we brought my husband in for rash on his neck that had been going on for months. He'd NEVER had anything like it in his many decades on Earth. He went to the VA (it's free for him), they gave him steroid creme which would back down the rash for a while. Said the reason was "Probably a virus, chronic, you'll never get rid of it, just use the creme."  I know it's not good to use those forever, clearly there's an issue causing it - so we went to SCNM.  They immediately asked about changes in personal products, clothing material, and diet. They suspected the problem might be eggs. They also prescribed items to help re-build his digestive system, since this sort of issue really tears it up.


My husband has eaten eggs all his life & seemingly been fine, but in the past year+, he's eaten a LOT more of them - both whole eggs & egg white protein powder. We stopped the steroid creme, removed eggs from his diet for 4 weeks, and the rash died down! In the meantime, they suggested the dietary blood panel to test for food sensitivities. (They offer the same test through LifeTime fitness, a high-quality gym - it's not some "alternative thing" that is a scam for money as the other reviewer thinks). Sure enough, it came back reactive to eggs, mushrooms, & yeast.  It does NOT mean he can't ever eat them again - he's just "overloaded" and his system is pushing back. A month or two off, then slow re-introduction. Another reviewer "doubted the results" of that test, but it doesn't mean "allergy" like anaphylactic shock or diarrhea... it can be subtle yet have a big impact inside! 


One morning he had eggs while out of town - 2 days later, rash crept back

for a day or two.


Since then, skin has been looking great, then last week he flared up again. We knew he didn't have eggs, what the heck? We checked the list of food sensitivities - OOPS - brewers yeast! He almost never drinks beer, but with a friend visiting, he had a few pints at a sports bar during the games. 2 days later, there was the rash again for a day or two.


THANK YOU, for once again finding the ROOT of the problem. I trust you with the people I love the most - my husband and and son!

Jennifer V.

Every morning since as long as I can remember, I would feel nauseas, get an upset stomach, and wouldn't be able to eat breakfast. It's something that I just learned to cope with. I've also dealt with unexplained fatigue and brain fog for the last 10 years. And in the last two years, I developed a rash around my eyes and struggled with very dry skin. My husband and I had been searching for a naturopath and came across Nourish Medical Center. The clinic is super clean, organized, and the staff is friendly. Now I will move on to doctor DJ...the doctor I had the absolute pleasure of working with!! Where do I begin with this woman!? She is so so kind, so respectful and looked out for me as if I'm her sister. We connected very deeply, especially after finding out we share the common faith of Christianity. She incorporated my faith into all of my visits and let me tell you, it's something I've really appreciated because my faith is the foundation of who I am. She put me on a liver cleanse, gave me some orders to follow at home such as skin brushing, sauna, etc. Then she collected blood work and found that I had some food sensitivities and gut issues. She had me eliminate those certain foods from my diet and put me on some supplements and vitamins. I have strictly followed all of her orders and take my supplements religiously and can I just say...I FINALLY know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and not feel like I'm going to puke. My energy is 10/10, I am so much more productive in my day to day life, my skin is hydrated again, and I don't have brain fog anymore!! I feel genuinely confused because I had been so used to these issues and now they're gone. I'm just truly thankful to Dr. DJ for the excellent care and support. You are an angel!I


I have seen Dr. “DJ” Sims for a few months now for a series of four PRP Facials. I’ve seen improvements in the overall appearance of my skin as well as the reduction of fine lines and blemishes. Dr. DJ is knowledgeable, friendly and truly cares about her patients. Nourish Medical is a very nice establishment with friendly staff and an inviting atmosphere.

Chan R.

12 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with Dyshidrotic Eczema from my Dermatologist which resulted in blisters on my hands, rashes on my elbows, arms, leg, back and neck that never healed. During this 12 yrs, I've consulted with 6 of the best Dermatologists in San Diego for their feedback. They all told me, it was contact dermatitis and "there is no cure for Eczema". I kept getting prescribe Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Clobetasol, Triamcinolone and Fluocinonide ointments and creams. They would work for the a 2 week period but during the off time, I'd get new flareups on different parts of my body. This was very upsetting and the last Dermatologist at Scripps gave me a brochure for Dupixent and told me to read up on it and schedule an appointment if I was interested. HECK NO!!I suffered on and off for 12 long years and it got to the point where none of the topical steroids and even Prednisone were no longer effective to clear up my skin. I also got a food allergy test and found out that I was allergic to Nickel. My wife has helped tremendously by switching all of our household products to natural and chemical free products. She then reached out to Dr. Jess on IG and she suggested Nourish Medical Center, specifically Dr. DJ Sims.


It wasn't until my first consultation that she told me that my eczema was caused by bad/leaky gut health and it can help naturally reduce my eczema, even get rid of it. I also had adrenal fatigue which resulted in me losing 30 lbs. I was always tired since the topical steroids have suppressed my adrenal glands. FINALLY SOME HELP!!!!Dr. Sims put me on a strict elemental diet for 2 weeks. Then a protein and vegetable diet, added fish oil, L-Glutamine, Zinc, 10 day gut cleanse, Vitamin D3 for the next 2 months. I'm on month 6 (started my cleanse from topical steroids on Nov 18, 2019) and during this time, I researched about the long term Red Skin Syndrome and Topical Steroid Withdrawl recovering time. I prepared myself that I'll have to suffer for the next year or so. My whole body did not like the lapse of topical steroids and after a month my body was covered with rashes. My hands were red and swollen. I kept my skin hydrated with un-petroleum ointment as well as other products to help keep my cool my skin. It helped keep my skin hydrated to a certain degree but it was very uncomfortable when I put my clothes on. I absolutely hated every minute of it. Thanks to Dr. Sims, she suggested to try the Kamedis Eczema Therapy cream and wash. This cream has helped out my skin tremendously. The red patches all over my body have shrunk and dried out. Some of the deep eczema wounds are just a darker pigment of my skin and most importantly, my skin is no longer red, burns and itches. I can actually take a regular shower with luke warm water now, I can finally sleep 8 hrs w/out waking up every 2 hrs to re-apply the un-petroleum ointment and most importantly, clothes feel comfortable on my skin. I'm about 6 months into this journey and even though I'm not fully healed, my body is 98% better...


THANK YOU Dr. DJ SIMS and Nourish Medical Center for all of your help!! Not everyone's body is the same and thanks to your precision approach by diagnosing and treating each person individually. I'm finally on the path to full and natural healing.

Arnold B.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the doctors and office staff at Nourish. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by how amazing they are and how much I love them! I have been working with Dr. Starr and Dr. DJ for almost a year now and I cannot believe the amount of progress I have seen! I love how they both take such a full body approach to healing; no symptom is too small or too insignificant to address and they work their tails off to get to the root cause of every single one. I remember crying after my first appointment with each of them because I finally found doctors who actually listened to me and were not rushing me out of the room to get to their next appointments.

I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's Thyroid Disease a few years ago (along with a whole host of digestive issues and terrible stomach pains) and in less than a year of working with Dr. Starr my thyroid levels and antibodies are finally within their normal range and I cannot believe how good I feel on a day to day basis! With Dr. Starr, I worked on detoxing through herbs and I was able to pass hundreds of parasites in no time.

I was also diagnosed with a scarring form of alopecia causing a lot of inflammation on my scalp, so Dr. Starr suggested that I pay a visit to their hair and skin expert, Dr. DJ. Dr. DJ took me under her wing and immediately got me on an amazing hair and scalp routine. My scalp inflammation is finally gone and I am now finding baby hairs in places I haven't seen new growth in over six years! Dermatologists in the past had always told me that minoxidil was my only option and I am so glad I chose to listen to Dr. DJ and Dr. Starrr who are healing me from the inside out. I love how the doctors here work together and put their patients first. These women are both absolute angels on earth! I know that they have both spent countless hours of their own time helping me and researching ways to heal my autoimmune diseases instead of just masking my symptoms. After visiting about 40 different dermatologists, endocrinologists, etc, and being ignored for my hair loss and digestive issues, I am always blown away by how much these women care about me and my health. They are both truly so selfless, knowledgeable, and caring! I cannot thank Dr. DJ and Dr. Starr enough, as they have truly changed my life.

Aside from all of the wonderful doctors here, I absolutely love the office staff as well! They are always so welcoming, friendly, and incredibly helpful when it comes to billing and insurance. They are very upfront about the out of pocket costs of every test, visit, procedure, etc and are always willing to bill eligible items, like bloodwork, through my insurance. I believe the costs are very reasonable considering the care and knowledge you receive from the doctors here. I cannot recommend this office enough!

Katie C.

I want to thank Dr. Dejarra Sims for helping me get my life back! For years I have suffered with very heavy cycles and was recently diagnosed with uterine fibroids. I was told of ways to treat them through conventional medicine and was not ready to go that route because of the side effects and potential surgeries. I was determined to have them healed naturally and prayed to God for a solution that would heal them. God led me to Dr. DJ. She listened and led me to get various natural supplements that would begin to regulate my hormones and my cycles. My cycles have gotten better, my energy levels have increased, my body is healing and I've also been able to lose weight quickly! Before the supplement regiment I was having trouble losing weight even with diet and exercise it would fluctuate up and down. I thought it was just because I was getting older it was getting harder. But now that my hormones are getting regulated it has been much easier and the weight is falling off much quicker! I want to thank Dr. DJ again for her wisdom, knowledge, integrity, patience and caring heart for her patients!

Michelle J.

Dr. Sims is a healer in every sense of the word. With her vast knowledge and experience in naturopathic medicine, she has guided me through a journey of healing and self-renewal that I would have never been able to complete on my own. As a 31 year old male, I have suffered from acne and food sensitivities ever since I was a 17 year old freshman in college. Numerous trips to the dermatologist's office throughout my early twenties would result in prescriptions for treatments such as antibiotics and topical creams that would offer some relief at the expense of stomach aches and irritated skin. Never would I suspect that these treatments were only functional band aids that masked a growing imbalance in my gut, one that I would only begin to learn about 4 years ago.


Around the age of 27 I began to notice increasing stomach discomfort upon eating certain foods, more frequent breakouts and the emergence of chronic redness around the edges of my nose. Over the years I tried many different remedies to cure my acne with limited success. Up until a few months ago I thought I had tried everything (heck even acupuncture and herbs!) to naturally heal my acne and address my growing digestive issues. Boy was I wrong. Earlier this year I began looking into Naturopathic doctors for the treatment of a condition called "leaky gut." I was 90% sure that I was suffering from it and when I had my free phone consultation with Dr. Sims, she assured me that my issues were definitely linked to a gut imbalance and that I would soon be able to eliminate my food sensitivities and cure my acne with her protocol. I was astonished. Her sense of calm and reassurance was enough to convince me to take a chance, after all it was worth a shot. It would be an investment in my health that was a long time coming. After running some labs she confirmed my suspicions. I had leaky gut alright. She immediately began a protocol which consisted of a modified elimination diet, and mixture of supplements that aimed to detox my body and begin the gut healing process.


I had my first appointment on August 25th. I am now about three and a half months into the treatment protocol and to say I am impressed with my progress so far would be an understatement. The frequency of my breakouts has dropped dramatically. The redness around the edges of my nose is clearing up day by day. I've also noticed that when I do break out, the acne heals much faster now. Dr. Sims assures me that my progress will only get better with time and after seeing the results I've had so far, I believe her without a doubt. I am truly grateful for finding Dr. Sims and thankful that such a treatment exists. Where conventional medicine has failed me, she has stepped in to save the day.I did want to finish my story by noting that my case of acne was mild to moderate but very predictable and linked to food sensitivities. Those with more severe acne might have to wait longer to see results but trust me they will come. And the results are worth it.

Not only am I happy to be seeing clear skin, but I have also noticed improved mood, energy levels, sleep and focus. I couldn't have asked for a better gift this Christmas. Thank you Dr. Sims, and thank you Nourish for changing lives!

Christopher H.

My visit with Dr. Sims, was great!!!  I transferred to her from another Physician that didn't give me the results that I felt I needed. She got right on it to "fix" my situation, without me having to go on a round about way of wasting money and no results.  Based on my experience with Dr. Sims, I have chosen to make her my primary care physician!

Cheri T.

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