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When my patient, Tali came to see me, she already KNEW that she had hormonal acne but had been unsuccessful in treating it. She was eating healthy, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and doing everything "right" , but NOTHING could clear her skin. 

Read below in her own words, how working with me and my 7-Step Clear Skin Protocol helped her have clear skin for life! 

Tali Before and After.jpeg

In Her Own Words... 


everyone would tell me. But what do I do about it!? I've tried everything, I told them. I was 28 years old with a chin full of huge cystic acne red pimples. All my friends considered me the healthiest eater and would workout every day, so none of this made sense to me. I would wake up extra early to cover up everything in makeup. Inside I was depressed and sad and would cry every few weeks when more pimples would show up. I would say no to social events because I didn't want to be seen like that. I was throwing away money on new natural remedies I found on youtube. Nothing was working.

Finally, I was... rescued by the incredible Dr. DJ Sims. SHE CHANGED MY LIFE. After about 4-6 months (I had some serious hormonal imbalances), I NO LONGER HAVE ACNE. MY FACE IS SMOOTH AND CLEAR! I remember reading other people's reviews of them saying they no longer have acne and wishing and praying I would get to the day where I could write the same review. And here I am. It will be all be okay, I promise. You will get there too! :)

Now let me talk about Dr. DJ Sims - the best naturopathic acne doctor ever. She is so friendly, fun, extremely knowledgable and so easy to talk to. She makes you feel heard (our appointments are usually 1 hour, once a month) unlike regular doctors who push you out the door after 3 minutes. She gets down to the ROOT of the issues you're having and prescribes special herbs & supplements to tackle those specific issues. She gave me an amazing hormonal urine test (called the Dutch test) which told us my hormones were out of whack. She also TEACHES you why these things are happening to your body (for me, birth control and years of antibiotics were a leading cause) and what the specific herbs will do to help my body. I have learned SO MUCH about the body and feel like I have the tools to treat myself in the future if I ever have flare ups.

Yes, naturopathic doctors are expensive. AND YES THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you feel hopeless, out of options and not yourself anymore... do yourself a favor and call the office. My happiness and confidence are back and I finally feel like myself again!


Who I Am and How I Can Help You 

Hey there, — I'm Dr. DJ 👋 I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and Natural Skincare Specialist.

My area of expertise? Acne. Whether you're suffering from pimples or painful cysts, I promise you that there is a solution.

I know what you're going through. After living with acne, ingrown hairs, and random skin changes for years, I knew that there had to be a solution that didn't involve antibiotics. I discovered that balancing my hormones, cleaning up my diet, and addressing my gut health were the only ways to clear acne so that it is gone for good. Using the protocols that I teach, my skin, and those of hundreds of my patients has cleared and I am committed to sharing everything I learned along the way with others.

No matter how many whiteheads, blackheads, or cysts you may have, you are beautiful and deserve to feel confident in your own skin. Here at Superhero Skin+Care, we call that unleashing your inner Superhero. This journey is not going to be easy, but I'm here to help guide you and I promise you it will be worth it. So stay tuned, your Super glow-up is on the way!

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